Graphic designer

Photographer, painter and creative type!

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Creativity & Competence

I’m a naturally crafty person, always making all kinds of things. That, combined with my education, gives me both creativity and competence. I will always consider what looks good, but also what works well for your project.

Personal Contact

I’m not only good at what I do, I also offer a personal and friendly contact. You won’t have to deal with anyone but me. In short, I happily provide services as well as support without any unnecessary middle hands.

Fair Prices

When you hire me, the pricing is based on your budget and the hours it would take to deliver the service. I always strive to provide my customers with a fair price. Fair to both me, you and my fellow graphic designers.

But who am I?

Lellah Thuresson

Graphic designer, painter, photographer.

Lover of all things creative!

A woman with blue and purple hair and glasses, smiling at the camera.

My creative journey started early in life, during art class in school. Some simple screen prints and basic graphic design caught my interest. I ended up finishing off upper secondary school with multimedia, photography and motion pictures.

I then went on to get a Digital Design Advanced Diploma from Hove College in United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design for Digital and Print Media from Dalarna University in Sweden.

Since university, I’ve been working as a graphic designer specialising mainly in brand design, photography, retouch, typography and layout.

I’m also a painter, screen printer, crafty type, bassist and singer.

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